Health Careers International is excited to introduce its updated version of the existingStudent Referral Program (SRP) for its students, alumni and staff

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Word of Mouth Program (WOMP) is a loyalty initiative of HCI and MWT Global designed to promote health education and training. We encourage our students, alumni and staff to engage with their networks to make Australia a powerhouse of healthcare skilled professionals. This program aims to empower students, alumni and staff to weave the threads of our ‘enhancing lives’ leadership movement.

WOMP is a unique initiative to improve our internal Net Promoter Score by allowing students, alumni and staff to reap the benefits of the referrals they make. Future students can earn redeemable HCI points by recommending our courses to their associations.

We have enjoyed your support through the Student referral program (SRP) and would like you to explore the enhanced and sophisticated version to continue with the referrals.

What does a WOMPER mean?

Any HCI students, alumni or staff who is a passionate advocate for their community can see the big picture of promoting and supporting their community. They can be an active WOMPER by connecting members from their own community with the HCI network. They can do this by showcasing the immense opportunities and relations they can build, both locally and internationally, in the health industry.

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Who can be a WOMPER?

HCI students, alumni and staff who opt into this programme must register on the WOMP website to get their unique WOMPER login credentials. All WOMPERS will be asked to sign a code of conduct and to participate in Information Webinars and workshops about the WOMP program.

As an active WOMPER you will embrace the values of the program and demonstrate your commitment to encouraging the participation of all members of your community.

WOMPERs will receive an attractive and market challenging referral rewards for each referral who enrolls into education and training courses with HCI partners and its subsidiaries. Referral rewards are banked for the WOMPER on the portal under “My wallet” to use towards a social initiative or they can even redeem at any time.

The WOMP program will provide you with all the resources and ideas you will require to inspire your community and open exciting new avenues to connect your organization to the rest of the world.

How do you get started?

You can become a WOMPER with these simple steps:

Code of Conduct

  • IHNA’s course entry requirements apply for all students referred and for all applications to study a course at IHNA.
  • IHNA will at its discretion determine whether to accept or decline a referral within the program.
  • *This program excludes students enrolling in courses offered by IHNA that are funded within the Skills First Funding (SVTS), Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) and VET Student Loan programs.

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